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Commercialization Resources

Commercialization of emerging nanotechnologies requires innovators and entrepreneurs capable of translating discoveries to commercial manufacturing and production. It’s a tough but thrilling task that requires skill, persistence, and more than a little luck. Below are some resources to help nano entrepreneurs make the leap from discovery to commercialization.  

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National Resources:

  • NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps): The nation’s premier program for helping researchers make the transition from the lab to a thriving start-up. Over 10 years, NSF I-Corps has trained more than 5,700 people, helped launch more than 1,200 businesses, and raised more than $1 billion in follow-on funding. 

             I-Corps™ at NIH: The National Institutes of Health’s version of the NSF I-Corps program
             Energy I-Corps: The US Department of Energy’s version of the NSF I-Corps program

NNCI Site-Specific Resources:

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