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was created for kids

Nanooze (we say nah-news) was created under NNIN as a "direct to student" outreach initiative. It consists of a kid-friendly web site, a print edition distributed through classrooms, workshops, and museums, and two museum quality interactive exhibits. Nanooze is a place for kids to learn about the latest exciting stuff in science and technology, particularly things related to Nanotechnology, the science of really small things. Nanooze makes reading and learning about these discoveries fun!

Please note that nanotechnology is very broad and that many nanotechnology concepts are accessible to kids when properly presented. Many nanotechnology concepts are simply variations on what already exists within standard curriculum.

Nanooze is distributed by NNCI and produced by Cornell University, more specifically, by Professor Carl Batt of Cornell University. Questions and comments on content should be directed to Professor Batt (

nanooze homepage

Nanooze on the Web

Nanooze originally started as a cool website, directed at kids. The website is a great place to read additional scientific articles for kids, including a section that regulary features inteviews of a scientist. In addition, all nanooze issues are available to view, download, or save as a digital PDF copy. In order to receive print copies of any issue simply submit a request through the contact form found within the website. Nanooze on the web is available in Engish, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Nanooze in Print

Nanooze in Print is a free classroom "magazine" devoted to educating children about nanotechnology. Each issue is full of engaging articles and colorful graphics covering a range of exciting topics in science and technology. While the content is typically aimed at the middle school level, it is written to be accessible and enjoyable for almost all ages. Nanooze is mostly used as classroom enrichment or resource material. It can be used in support of specific curriculum, for topical "research", and as free high-quality reading material. Two or three issues per year are published; about 100,000 copies of each issue have been distributed.

Nanooze in Print is distributed in classroom packs of 30 (or multiples thereof), free of charge to teachers for classroom use. It is also distributed in bulk to science museums and other research centers who act as secondary distributors. Currently 14 issues have been published. Content of each issue can be viewed below or at

NNCI has prepared a compendium of NGSS standards addressed while using Nanooze in grades 5-8. Each issue has a series of lessons (as links) that could extend the use of Nanooze in teaching middle school science. Download Here.

Ordering Nanooze in Print

All back issues are available except issue 1. Subscriptions for future issues as well as requests for back issues should be directed to Prof. Carl Batt at Cornell,, or to Dr. Lynn Rathbun, Sorry, we can only ship to school or museum/research center addresses. And sorry, we can not distribute individual copies. Everyone, however, is welcome to view and print the content online. When requesting issues, please indicate:

  • Your Name
  • School name and address including zip code
  • Grades taught if applicable
  • Which issues you would like
  • Number of copies of each requested

NNCI is happy to consider large scale (district wide) distribution arrangements. We are particularly interested in novel uses of Nanooze and any information of the effectiveness of Nanooze in various situations.

NNCI is happy to consider non-profit partners (museums, research centers, university outreach programs) for secondary distribution of Nanooze in Print. Please contact Prof. Batt or Dr. Rathbun.

Nanooze in Print – in Spanish

Through the efforts of  Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre  and some enthusiastic students in Puerto Rico, NNCI is now able to offer print-ready files of Nanooze in Print, in Spanish.  Currently, Issue 6 , 8, 9, 10, and 11 are available.  NNCI is not at this point able to distribute printed copies of Nanooze in Spanish, but feel free to print the files for your use.  Your feedback is appreciated.

nanooze epcot

Nanooze the Exhibit

Nanooze has two 1500 sq.ft. interactive "museum" displays that are currently deployed at Disney World Epcot and at Innoventions in Disneyland Anaheim. There exhibits were developed under other programs, but now fall under the "Nanooze" brand. They promote nanotechnology and Nanooze to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

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