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NNCI Working Group Pages

One of the greatest strengths of the NNCI network is the combined staff expertise of the individual sites. To leverage this expertise at the network level, working groups composed of staff members from the NNCI sites have been created.

The outcomes of these working groups can have many forms, including process recipes, recommendations to vendors for future equipment development, maintenance and training videos/webinars, recommendations on how to evaluate the safety of new processes, or direct recommendations for new users. 

New website pages for technical working groups have recently been added which contain (a) list of group members with contact information, (b) a news blog for posting of content by the working group, and (c) a public forum for posting of questions with follow-up discussion. 

Working Group Topic

Working Group Lead(s)

Network Support Working Groups


Equipment Maintenance & Training

Meredith Metzler (Univ. Pennsylvania)

Vendor Relations

Charles Veith (Univ. Pennsylvania)

Environmental Health & Safety

Nasir Basit (Northwestern), Greg Cibuzar (Minnesota)

Technical Working Groups



Carrie Donley (UNC), Walter Henderson (Georgia Tech)

E-Beam Lithography

Devin Brown (Georgia Tech)

Etch Processing

Vince Genova (Cornell)

Atomic Layer Deposition

Michelle Rincon (Stanford), Xiaoqing Xu (Stanford), Mac Hathaway (Harvard)


Pat Watson (Univ. Pennsylvania)

Additive Manufacturing

Tim Gornet (Louisville), Ed Tackett (Louisville)

Imaging and Analysis

David Bell (Harvard)

Education and Outreach


K-12 and Community

Jim Marti (Univ. Minnesota)

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Lynn Rathbun (Cornell)

Workforce Development and Community Colleges

Ray Tsui (Arizona State)

Evaluation and Assessment

Quinn Spadola (Georgia Tech)

Technical Content Development

Angela An-Chi Hwang (Stanford)

Societal and Ethical Implications

Jameson Wetmore (ASU)

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