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Research Communities

Research Communities are groups of faculty, students, and staff from NNCI sites organized around a particular research topic, national priority, or grand challenge. In contrast to NNCI working groups which are focused on a particular tool or process with the objectives of sharing best practices, the Research Communities are more outward facing helping to develop products that benefit the larger scientific and engineering communities.

Research Community


2020 Conference Presentation


Nanotechnology Convergence

Jacob Jones (NC State Univ.)



Nanoscience in the Earth and Environmental Sciences

Trevor Thornton (Arizona State Univ.), Mitsu Murayama (Virginia Tech), and David Mogk (Montana State Univ.)



Nano-Enabled Internet-of-Things

Mark Allen (Univ. of Pennsylvania)


Transform Quantum

Andrew Cleland (Univ. Chicago), Robert Westervelt (Harvard Univ.), Steven Koester (Univ. Minnesota)



Understanding the Rules of Life

Vinayak Dravid (Northwestern Univ.)



Activities of these groups may include:
a.    NNCI-sponsored symposia/workshops/webinars
b.    Road-mapping
c.    Identifying future infrastructure needs

These groups will address questions such as (a) What infrastructure capabilities are needed to support the research topic? and (b) What are the challenges of current fabrication infrastructure for the specific research area? In addition, they can provide opportunities for networking among faculty and students working on similar themes. They also can be used to convey information about tools, capabilities, and expertise within the wider NNCI network to researchers who may not typically look outside their own local site. 

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