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NanoEarth Commercialization Resources

Node POC for I&E: Matthew Hull,

Statement: An important part of NanoEarth’s mission is to serve as a “destination for discovery” for entrepreneurs and industry innovators. Companies of all sizes – from start-ups to large multi-national corporations – rely on NanoEarth facilities and expertise to answer critical questions at the interfaces of nanotechnology and environmental systems. Through our NanoEarth “Innovation Ecosystem” we strive to build innovative relationships that support industry and help inspire and train a new generation of entrepreneurs who use nanoscale science and engineering to solve global environmental challenges. 

Getting Started: Visit this LINK to learn how you can start using NanoEarth facilities.

Funding: NanoEarth does not offer funding to external companies, but a small pool of instrument time is available to Virginia Tech personnel for: 1) Instructional purposes and demonstrations; 2) To complete a sponsored research program with insufficient funds; or 3) To collect preliminary data for external proposals. To request Mini-Grant support, read the guidelines and email your request to using the NCFL-MiniGrant-Form.

Resources: Following are important resources to help supports members of our local entrepreneurial community:

  • The Apex Center for Entrepreneurs: The Apex Center for Entrepreneurs inspires and empowers Virginia Tech students to turn their passion, purpose, and ideas into action.
  • Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC): The mission of the VTCRC is to create a space with purpose where innovators have access to unparalleled resources, partnerships, and opportunities for growth.
  • RAMP Regional Accelerator: RAMP connects entrepreneurs to regional entrepreneurship resources including Pitch & Polish clinics, expert mentoring, access to start-up capital.
  • VA Center for Innovative Technology (CIT): ​The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) grows and diversifies Virginia's economy by investing in ​and accelerating innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship. 

Features/Case Studies: Below are a few NanoEarth-affiliated entrepreneurs and companies we’d like to feature:

  • Micronic Technologies: Micronic Technologies is transforming industrial wastewater with a revolutionary wastewater treatment technology
  • GeoMat LLC: GeoMat transfers scientific research into useful products for cleaning up the environment.
  • Promethean Particles: Promethean Particles’ simple three-step approach to nanomaterial development helps reduce risk in new product development and accelerates time to market.
  • NanoSafe, Inc.: NanoSafe helps clients in business, government agencies, and academic institutions manage emerging nanotechnology environmental health and safety (EHS) risks.  Our service areas address critical needs of nanotechnology-enabled industries. 

Entrepreneur-in-Residence: Matthew Hull,

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