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Technical Resources

Computation Resources

NNCI Technical Working Groups (Working Group Webpages)

NNCI Dry Etch Capabilities (Dec. 2023)

NNCI E-beam Lithography Resource Guide

NNCI ALD Capabilities

Online Training Materials

  • NNCI Training Materials Database – This is a growing library of content that may serve as a reference point for creating new content or can be used as a resource for your own training. The document is searchable and is roughly organized by purpose. This is a working document and will be updated as appropriate.
  • Submit Additional Content/Training Materials (form) – We will continue to collect educational and training materials (PowerPoint presentations, protocols, videos, etc.) in an effort to grow the database. These materials should be targeted at undergraduates/graduate students/post-docs (users of the facilities).
  • Content Development for Remote Training Guide  - A quick start guide on how to create videos and training materials. 

Research Communities

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