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NNCI Education and Outreach

The 16 sites of the NNCI are dedicated to addressing the explosive growth of nanotechnology and its need for a skilled workforce and informed public by offering education and training to individuals from young schoolchildren through adults.  Each site provides resources, programs, and materials to enhance an individual’s knowledge of nanoscale science and engineering and its application to real-world issues. We believe that a strong US economy requires at STEM-literate workforce ready to meet the technological challenges of a nano-enabled economy as well as an informed citizenry that supports continued and safe growth of nanotechnologies.

site education

Site Education and Outreach

Learn more about the programs, activities, and resources offered at the 16 research sites.

Teamwork Educators

Resources for Educators

Find resources for teachers of all subject areas and age levels.

REU Group

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Participate in a 10 week NNCI research experience for undergraduates.


Nanooze Magazine

Read and download this kid-friendly magazine.

NNCI Image Contest

Plenty of Beauty at the Bottom

View the entries and winners in the NNCI annual image contest.


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Other Educational Resources

Articles, podcasts, websites, and online course materials.

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