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NNF Commercialization Resources

Node POC for I&E: Jacob John,, Steve Wignall,

Statement: NNF aims to be an internationally recognized center of excellence for nanoscale science and technology as part of NNCI.

  • Engage new university and industry users in our region in fabrication and characterization.
  • Provide critical assistance to companies and start-ups to benefit commercialization.
  • Stimulate more and diverse students to enter engineering and science careers.
  • Developing workforce including workforce for emergent quantum technologies

Getting Started: Visit this LINK to learn how you can start using NNF facilities.


  • SEED Grant Programs for External Users
  • Campus Visits in MW States & SEED Grant


  • External Users Programs
  • Proactive Outreach to Ext Univ & Ind
  • Live Analysis Session via Skype
  • External Users Programs
  • Free 3-Days Equip. Train. for EU
  • Industry Workshops
  • NNF Tours & Discussions
  • Training for Minority & NA Students

 Features/Case Studies:

  • NTEC-MUNI example: Katy Ayers/NNF
  • Monolith Materials in Hallam, NE - “Monolith  Materials  has  been  pleased  to  work  with  NCMN  scientists  as  we partner  with  NPPD  in  building  a  hydrogen-burning  power  plant  in  Hallam. The electron microscopy  analysis  of  carbon  nanoparticles  is  important  for our   company   as   we   develop   the   technology   to   manufacture   these nanoparticles for inks, paints, electronics, and UV absorbers.” Ned Hardman, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Development
  • VISHAY - “The NNF has been an excellent resource for equipment and expertise to perform analysis that we do not have the capability to process.  They have been able to identify materials that previously were left as unknown leaving the analysis incomplete. Recent analysis identified materials which gave direction to a root cause analysis that we would have been unable to identify without their help.” Greg Schneekloth, Sr. Eng. Supervisor for Mater. Lab, Vishay Intertechnology
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