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SHyNE Commercialization Resources

Node POC for I&E: Ying Jia,

Statement: SHyNE Nanotechnology Resource is a nonprofit joint initiative between Northwestern University and University of Chicago. Our mission is to provide to the members of community open access to the nanotechnology facilities, technology expertise and educational resources. We support researchers from industrial, commercial, academic, non-profit, and government labs in nanotechnology and the nanosciences.

Getting Started: Visit this link to learn how you can start using the SHyNE facility.

Funding: The SHyNE External Experiment Development (SEED) program allows members of the nanotechnology and greater scientific communities, who would otherwise not have the financial resources, to use SHyNE facilities to facilitate or obtain preliminary data, proof of concept, and/or prototyping. For a summary of SHyNE’s capabilities and equipment, please email Chad Goeser at Details of the program can be found in this link.

Resources: Following are important resources to help support members of our local entrepreneurial community:

  • Farley center: The Farley Center of Northwestern University is dedicated to helping students develop their entrepreneurial skills and abilities so that they can thrive in an ever-changing world. The center brings together faculty from an array of disciplines to teach a unique interdisciplinary curriculum in which the students can experience the entire entrepreneurial life cycle.
  • The Garage: The Garage brings together a cross-disciplinary community of students, faculty, staff and alumni who all share a passion of building new ideas. It’s the startup central at Northwestern and has been home to more than 500 student-founded startups and projects.

Features/Case Studies:

  • J2 Materials: J2 Materials works with crystals to advance technology and improve people’s lives, from LEDs to medical therapies to national security to green technology.
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