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NNCI Coordinating Office

The NNCI Coordinating Office (at Georgia Tech) is led by Prof. Oliver Brand who serves as Director. Dr. David Gottfried serves as Deputy Director and oversees the Coordinating Office day-to-day operations, assisted by a Program Manager (Ms. Amy Duke). Four Associate Directors manage the network activities in specific areas: Dr. Quinn Spadola coordinates the NNCI education and outreach programs, Prof. Jameson Wetmore coordinates the Societal and Ethical Implications (SEI) activities, Prof. Azad Naeemi coordinates the computational activities and facilitates interactions with nanoHUB/NCN at Purdue University, and Dr. Matthew Hull coordinates the programs to assist users with entrepreneurship activities. This leadership team meets monthly by conference call.

The core staff is guided by an Executive Committee which includes the 16 NNCI site directors. The Executive Committee meets monthly via teleconference and annually in person at the NNCI Conference. The Executive Committee and Coordinating Office are advised by an External Advisory Board comprised of members representing industry, academia, government, education & outreach, SEI, computation and non-traditional disciplines in nanoscience and nanoengineering. The EAB meets in person as part of the NNCI Conference, with additional communications as determined by the EAB.

In addition to the work of the Associate Directors, several subcommittees discuss high-level issues related to the NNCI network as a whole. Finally, leveraging the distributed expertise at the network level, several working groups, composed of staff members from the NNCI sites, have been formed to share and develop best practices for site and network operations, technical areas, research areas, and education and outreach.

Additional activities of the Coordinating Office include communications with the NSF, maintenance of the NNCI website, collection and analysis of monthly site usage metrics, organization of the NNCI Annual Conference, and preparation of the NNCI Annual Report.

Oliver BrandDirector
Prof. Oliver Brand (Georgia Tech)
(404) 894-9425

David GottfriedDeputy Director
Dr. David Gottfried (Georgia Tech)
(404) 894-0479

Quinn SpadolaAssociate Director for Education and Outreach
Dr. Quinn Spadola (Georgia Tech)
(404) 894-2194

Jamey WetmoreAssociate Director for Social and Ethical Implications
Prof. Jameson Wetmore (Arizona State University)
(480) 727-0750

Azad NaeemiAssociate Director for Computation
Prof. Azad Naeemi (Georgia Tech)
(404) 894-4829

Matthew HullAssociate Director for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Dr. Matthew Hull (Virginia Tech)
(540) 231-5812

Amy DukeProgram Manager
Ms. Amy Duke (Georgia Tech)
(404) 894-6890

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