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What can you find on the NNCI Website?

The website of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) is designed to provide information and links to NNCI assets, as well as those of other national resources, for a wide variety of potential visitors.

Current NNCI Users – Researchers who are current users of NNCI facilities will find information on equipment and expertise available at all sites, as well as links to technical reports, computational capabilities within the network, non-NNCI user facilities, and NNCI news.

New NNCI Users – If you have never used one of the NNCI user facilities and need to understand how it all works, check out the Becoming a User page. You can also contact the New User Gateway to send an inquiry to our expert panel who will respond directly to you. Finally, you can browse the various NNCI sites to determine the best fit of geography, technical expertise, and toolset that meets your needs.

Faculty/Students/Researchers – If you are a member of the nanoscale science and engineering research community, but do not have any immediate need of NNCI facilities, you can also find information on processes and technical topics in our Resource section. Or, if you like, consult one of the dozens of NNCI technical experts around the country with years of experience in micro and nanoscale fabrication and characterization. If you are an undergraduate student looking for a summer internship, find more information on our REU programs.

K-12 Community – There has been a long history, begun under the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) and continued under the NNCI of using nanoscale education and outreach to bring more students into STEM education and careers. Teachers and students can find all of our free information and curricular units under the Learn section of the website.  You can find out about the social and ethical implications (SEI) of nanotechnology.  If you live near one of the NNCI sites, explore the events and activities they offer.

NNCI Staff Members – For the staff members of the NNCI sites, this website can be a useful resource and compendium of the equipment, staff, and facilities available within the NNCI network. There are also opportunities to share process development and other technical reports with NNCI colleagues and the greater research community.

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