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Becoming a User

How do you become a new NNCI User?

NNCI sites are established as independent operating units by the NSF. Each site has developed its own procedures for new user access, and you can find those on each of the individual site pages. In general, while there are many different pathways to a successful project, overall the process is described below.

1. If you do not already have a specific site in mind (via colleague referral or other marketing), review this website for capabilities and resources of sites geographically close to you. If you are not sure which site might be most appropriate, you can fill out the contact form and an expert will reply to assist you.

2. Contact one or more NNCI sites directly to discuss your application. A New User Contact is listed on each site page, and he/she can help you assess the technical feasibility of the project and the scope of your work. Depending on the specific site’s procedures, you may need to prepare a brief written statement of work, and discussions with technical staff at the site might be needed as well. The site contact can also help you to determine if an on-site (you do the work) or remote (staff does the work) approach is most appropriate.

3. You can find additional information useful to new users, such as seed grant opportunities and lists of remote work contractors, on the Resources pages.

4. After these discussions, the site contact should be able to help you establish a user agreement with the site, get you the credentials needed to begin orientation and tool training, and coordinate necessary support toward the completion of your project. This process is typically unique to each site. If the project is not within the capabilities of the site, the user contact should be able to explain why and refer you to another site that might be more appropriate.

5. The fee structure, invoicing, and payment process is unique to each site and should be discussed before any agreement is established and agreed to.

6. Once any paperwork is completed, your work at the site (or completion of the remote project) will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time. In most cases, work can start within a matter of weeks. The site will arrange for appropriate training and project supervision by experienced staff.

7. If you need it, feel free to contact the NNCI Coordinating Office for additional assistance.

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