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Research and ENTREPRENEURSHIP Experience for Undergraduates

The REEU program exposes NSF REU students to nano-enabled entrepreneurship opportunities linked to research. Since the extent to which entrepreneurship might “fit” within an REU program can vary from site to site, flexible REEU options are offered and tailored to meet the needs of individual REU coordinators. Coordination with the NNCI Education & Outreach REU program area facilitates engagement with REU coordinators and helps ensure careful integration of REEU content at an appropriate level. 

Four general REEU levels are offered and span from only a brief consideration of entrepreneurship to more advanced programming: REEU Image

  • Level 1: Brief discussion of entrepreneurship facilitated by NNCI entrepreneur-in-residence
  • Level 2: General/theme-focused (i.e., aligns with REU theme) entrepreneurship lecture and Q&A (~1 hr)
  • Level 3: Series of innovation and entrepreneurship lectures/seminars and/or visit/tour at nearby start-up facility 
  • Level 4: Extended duration project similar to the NNCI NTEC program

REU program coordinators can contact NNCI Associate Directors Matthew Hull or Quinn Spadola to discuss incorporating an entrepreneurship module within their REU program.

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