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NNCI Annual Conference 2018

NNCI Annual Conference 2018NNCI Conference 2018

University of Washington - Nanoengineering and Sciences Building

Wednesday, September 12

1:00-4:30 pm  Education and Outreach Coordinators Meeting

2:30-4:30 pm  SEI Coordinators Meeting

Thursday, September 13

7:30-8:20 am   Continental Breakfast 

8:20-8:45 am   Introduction and Conference Overview: Karl Böhringer, Director NanoES, UW

                        Welcome Address: Vikram Jandhyala, Vice President for Innovation Strategy, UW

8:45-9:15 am   NNCI Coordinating Office Report (Oliver Brand)

9:15-10:45 am Site Reports Panel 1: Future Research Directions (Chair: Vinayak Dravid)

10:45-11:00 am  Break

11:00-12:00 am  Breakout Session 1

  • Education & Outreach (Quinn Spadola)
  • Facilities Management & Operations (Shamus McNamara)
  • Comparing Notes on the NSF Reviews (Oliver Brand)

12:00-1:30 pm   Lunch and Vendor Exhibits

1:30-2:00 pm   Keynote Technical Presentation 1: “Achieving Practical Quantum Computing” (Dave Wecker, Partner Architect, Quantum Engineering, Microsoft Research)

2:00-3:30 pm  Site Reports Panel 2: Workforce Development (Chair: Trevor Thornton)

3:30-3:45 pm   Address: Larry Goldberg, National Science Foundation 

                        Address: Lisa Friedersdorf, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office

3:45-3:50 pm  Group PhotoNNCI Conference 2018

3:50-4:00 pm  Break

4:00-4:30 pm   Keynote Technical Presentation 2: “De Novo Design of Protein Nanomaterials” (David Baker, Director, Institute for Protein Design, UW)

4:30-5:15 pm   NNCI Program Reports

6:00-9:00 pm  Dinner Cruise


Friday, September 14

8:00-9:00 am  Continental Breakfast

                       Site Directors Meeting with Coordinating Office

9:00-9:30 am   Keynote Technical Presentation 3: "Nano Platform Japan" (Shigeo Tanuma, Managing Director, National Institute for Materials Science)

9:30-11:00 am  Site Reports Panel 3: Commercialization (Chair: Mark Allen)

11:00-11:15 am  Break

11:15-12:15 am  NNCI External Advisory Board Meeting and Discussion 

11:15-12:15 am  Breakout Session 2

  • SEI (Jamey Wetmore)
  • Computation (Azad Naeemi)
  • User Recruitment and Marketing (Jim Marti)

12:15-1:15 pm  Lunch and Vendor Exhibits 

1:15-2:45 pm  Site Reports Panel 4: Resource Allocation and New Equipment (Chair: David Dickensheets)

2:45-3:00 pm  Break

3:00-4:00 pm  Reports from Breakout Sessions

4:00-4:30 pm  Advisory Board Report 

4:30-4:45 pm  Adjourn NNCI Conference

5:00 pm Farewell Banquet

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