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Demo Guide and Information Sheets

NNCI Demo Guide (Easy demonstrations for outreach events)

Information and Direction Sheets

Name  Description


Exploring allotropes of carbon

Bunny Suit

Bunny suit gowning contest

Edible Chips

Making "chips" with cookies


A model for drug delivery


Liquid magnets


Surface tension and water

Forces Self Assembly

Exploring atomic forces

Hydrophobic Facts

Basic facts about hydrophobicity


Exploring magic sand and other materials

Intro to Nano

What is nanotechnology?

Liquid Crystals

Exploring temperature and liquid crystals


Exploring consumer nanoproducts

Shape Memory Alloys

Exploring nitinol

Size and Scale

A number line activity

Sunscreens and UV Radiation

Information on sunscreens and UV radiation

Sunscreen Instruction 1

UV beads and sunscreen

Sunscreen Instruction 2

UV beads, sunscreen, and bracelet

Surface Effects

How to make a faster reaction

Thin Films

Exploring thin films with nail polish

AFM Tools

How an AFM works

SEM Tools

How an SEM works

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