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ELS-G100 EBL System

ELS-G100 EBL System

Elionix - ELS-G100

SENIC Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
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The Elionix ELS G-100 is a high-speed, ultra high-precision thermal field emission (TFE) electron beam lithography system.

The ELS G-100 is capable of generating patterns with a line width of 6 nm. The system provides a stable 1.8 nm electron beam using high beam current at 100 kV. The fine line patterns can be drawn using commercially available resists.

The highly precise stage that the ELS G-100 employs is based on over 35 years of expertise with lithography systems. A 20 bit DAC provides high beam positioning resolution. In addition, the laser interferometer with its reading resolution of 0.31 nm enables a stitching accuracy of 15 nm and overlay accuracy of 20 nm.

Significantly small distortion enables uniform and stable fine pattern writing over large writing fields. Uniform 10 nm lines can be drawn from the edge to the edge of a 500 μm field without stitching. At a beam current of 1 nA, 20 nm lines can be written over an entire 500 μm field without stitching. No stitching guarantees accuracy and eliminating the need for stage movement enhances writing speed.
Maximum Substrate Size
8 inch
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