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Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network (RTNN)

RTNN offers unprecedented access to nanotechnology facilities in the Research Triangle. Our education, workforce training, and outreach programs are comprehensive. We also provide nanotechnology resources to society through public alerts and information clearinghouses.

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Primary University: North Carolina State University
Affiliated Partners: Duke University, University of North Carolina

RTNN Website

Duke University

University of North Carolina

North Carolina State University

Getting Started

  1. To become an RTNN user register here, e-mail, or contact the RTNN manager, Maude Cuchiara (, 919-515-6171).
  2. Define project needs in consultation with RTNN technical staff and determine appropriate facilities for work. Both on-site and remote services are available.
  3. Establish a user agreement with the facility/facilities where the work will be performed.
  4. Attend training if conducting the work on-site.
  5. Begin work.

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