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REU at University of Pennsylvania (MANTH)

NNCI REU at University of Pennsylvania                                                                                          Penn pic

This program is designed to give undergraduates the opportunity to work with scientists on the cutting-edge of nanoscale research. The Singh Center for Nanotechnology is centered around four major research facilities, all featuring state-of-the-art equipment for nanoscale characterization, measurement, and fabrication: the Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility, the Nanoscale Characterization Facility, the Scanning and Local Probe Facility, and the Material Property Measurement Facility. Summer projects include the traditional REU-model project, ones in which students work on a research project within a University of Pennsylvania faculty member’s lab, as well as unique project opportunities to work on research originating from the Singh Center research facilities themselves. Students will gain experience with substantial aspects of doing science: experimental design, data collection and communication of results. Students will also participate in activities that complement their research and help to develop broader scientific and career skills: seminars, paper discussions, career sessions and skills workshops.

Application Open: December 20, 2023

Application Deadline: February 1, 2024

Application Portal:


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