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Understanding Nanotechnology Size and Scale

Ruler from Flckr
General Science
Education Level

This is a two part lesson designed for students in grades 4 and 4. It is teacher led with a script to guide students through the activities. This first lesson will be interactive with a worksheet that students complete as they learn. They will be introduced to a ruler that compares centimeters, millimeters, nanometers, and inches. Using this ruler, the students will measure various items in their classroom and hear about the size of things they cannot see with their eyes. The second lesson will build upon lesson one. The students will review the size of the nanoscale and their rulers that compares centimeters, millimeters, nanometers, and inches. The interactive lesson will incorporate worksheets and demonstrations to teach about the nanoscale. In addition, students will learn about various products made with nanotechnology and that the byproducts of nanotechnology, specifically about pollution that can enter our waterways.

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