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Mystery Molecules: Identifying Materials with Nanoscale Characterization Tools

By Benjah-bmm27 (talk · contribs) - Own work, Public Domain,
Physical Science
Tools and Technology
Education Level
High School

In this lesson plan, students will be given several similar looking materials and asked to identify them by observing them at the macro and micro-scale. They will then be exposed to different analytical tools and describe how they can be used to explore materials at the nanoscale. A unique component of the lesson plan is to access RTNN facilities at Duke, NC State, or UNC (remotely or by field trip (trip for NC schools)) to collect/analyze data with tools described in the lesson. To bring this technology into your classroom, contact RTNN at Similar equipment can be accessed through the Remote Access Instrumentation for Nanotechnology (RAIN) network ( or check with your local research university.

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