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MMNIN Education and Outreach

KY MMNIN’s site at the University of Louisville offers a wide variety of events and programs including:

  • Public Outreach: KY MMNIN in partnership with Kentucky Science Center”s Science Celebrations provides a career-focused event that features interactive micro/nano experiences, local professionals, hands-on activities, and powerful demonstrations regarding micro-nanotechnology. Look for it during the firt week of April.
  • REU: A Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) entitled Interdisciplinary Micro/nanotechnology Program Addressing Challenges Today (IMPACT) recruits and trains students in the interdisciplinary field of advanced micro/nano-manufacturing through exciting hands-on research projects. The application portal for this summer program can be found at:
  • Summer Camps:  The Micro/Nano Technology Center offers summer camps for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. During the 1 week class, students learn microfabrication techniques to make a variety of devices such as solar cells, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, etc.  Students fabricate and test a crystalline silicon solar cell. After completion of the program, the participants take home their silicon wafers, a cleanroom notebook, lecture notes used from the labs, and an embroidered polo shirt. For more information visit
  • The Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research, which is part of the KY MMNIN, hosts summer camps for high school students. Participants learn the driving principles behind cutting edge renewable energy research and experience working in the labs on real hands-on projects using state-of-the-art analytical tools and research methods.
  • RPC Prototyping Center: The center provides 3D printing and other fabrication support for engineering classes and teams such as ME Capstone, SAE Formula and Baja team competitions. It also provides 3D printed components of student-designed mechanisms for final presentations in ME’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) course.

For more information, contact Ana M Sanchez Galiano at

KY MMNIN’s site at the University of KY’s Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering includes the following educational activities:

  • CeNSE facilities are used by selected high school students from prestigious programs in the Lexington area. In addition the facility is a participant in the University of Kentucky’s engineering day.  A variety of events including demonstrations of lithography, nanoparticle synthesis, and electron microscopy.  Middle school students visit for nano-fabrication and
  • CeNSE community-centered component includes outreach activities/training for Kentucky Rogers Scholars, UK Robinson Scholars, Math, Science, and Technology Center students at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, and the Fayette County School Experience-Based Career Education participants.
  • CeNSE is also coordinated with the UK Nano-Scale Engineering Certificate Program (NECP). The purpose of this program is to enable undergraduate students in participating departments to learn the fundamentals and applications of nano-science and nano-engineering. Upon completion students are awarded Nano-Scale Engineering Certificates in addition to their B.S. degrees. More information at
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