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MINIC Education and Outreach

The University of Minnesota Nano Center offers resources for science teachers and students (recommended grade levels middle school through undergrad). These include the following:

  • Laboratory and cleanroom tours. Your group can gown up and enter our cleanrooms to learn how electronic devices are made (and why people wear funny-looking suits in the cleanroom). Tours are offered on request.
  • Classes on nanotechnology topics. We offer special classes on microelectronics and nanotechnology during the summer months. Contact the University College of Science and Engineering Outreach Office for details (
  • Nanoscience lab activities for the classroom. We have developed classroom activities for your science class that introduce students to the tools and concepts of nanotechnology. These are teacher-designed and tested lab activities that can be used in middle- and high school classes in biology, chemistry, physical science, and technology. Each activity includes a complete written procedure, lists of equipment and supplies and where to get them, student guides, and worksheets. Get a full listing of downloadable activities at

For more information, contact Dr. Jim Marti, Outreach Coordinator,






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