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CNF Education and Outreach

The Cornell Nanoscale Facility at Cornell University offers a wide range of programs and activities in support of Nanotechnology Education.

  • Nanooze: CNF’s premier educational program is our science magazine for Kids, Nanooze. The colorful classroom enrichment resource highlights nanotechnology and related science in a manner that is digestible and engaging at the middle school level. On-line resources are available at  Printed copies are distributed in classroom packs (x30) to classrooms around the country, free of charge on request.  Fourteen issues are available covering current topics including , for example, Energy, Environment, Nano-medicine, and Space. . Over 1M copies have been distributed.
  • REU: CNF has offered a premier Research Experience for Undergraduates program for over 20 years.  Undergraduate students are offered a 10 week summer research experience in Nanotechnology. Many participants begin with no prior research experience. CNF currently supports 5 students each summer. Details of prior year REU activities can be found as part of the former NNIN REU program at
  • iREU: As a continuation of a former NNIN program, the Cornell iREU program sends 5 selected undergraduates for a summer research experience at the National Institute for Materials Science in Tsukuba, Japan.  Participation in the program is limited to past year participants in the NNIN/NNCI REU program.  This program is supported by a separate NSF award (  through the International Research for Scientists program.
  • Community and K12 group activities: CNF staff and Outreach Ambassadors participate in broad range of community activities including national activities such as the USA Science and Engineering Festival (biannual) and local activities including Nanodays, 4H Career Explorations, and FIRST Jr. Lego. CNF staff host school groups of all ages for hands on activities and “facetime” tours. CNF maintains a room of demonstration dedicated equipment including a scanning electron microscope for school group activities
  • Workshops and Short Courses: CNF offers a range of workshops and short courses primarily for graduate students and professionals.  Most notable among these is the semiannual 3 day short course Technology and Characterization at the Nanoscale which  is offered in January and June. TCN features both classroom and laboratory activities. For more information, see
  • CNF Outreach Ambassadors: CNF users a select group of graduate students to assist CNF staff in many of its outreach activities.

For more information about these programs contact Melanie Claire Mallison,

Additional information available at


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