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NNCI Participates in European Nano Efforts

NNCI is participating in two new efforts to develop sustainable nanotechnology networks funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 program.

NanoFabNetNanoFabNet is an international hub for sustainable nanofabrication whose structure, business model, detailed strategies and action plans are designed, agreed and carried by its partners. NanoFabNet’s upcoming virtual collaboration space, NanoFabNet Hub, will be a self-sustained platform that aids international stakeholders in accessing expert knowledge about ethical, safe, and sustainable nanofabrication. NNCI participants David Gottfried (Georgia Tech) and Matt Hull (Virginia Tech) represent the US in the project.

SusNanoFab SusNanoFab is a concerted and long-term sustainable action on nanofabrication that will establish a robust network that tackles the missing links between policy, infrastructure, expertise and industry requirements worldwide. Quinn Spadola (Georgia Tech) is one of the US participants in this project.

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