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NNCI Outstanding Staff Member Awards

The "Outstanding NNCI Staff Member" award is intended to acknowledge the significant efforts by NNCI site staff who endeavor to provide excellent service and support to all network users. In May, nominations were solicited from site directors and these were reviewed by the NNCI External Advisory Board. Winners were selected in three categories: Technical Staff, Education and Outreach, and User Support. Each winner will receive a plaque to be presented at the NNCI Annual Conference and travel support to attend the Conference. 



2018 NNCI Outstanding Staff Members


Education and Outreach

Matt Hull: Associate Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, NanoEarth

Ben Myers: Director of Operations, SHyNE


Technical Staff

Chris Alpha: User Program Manager, CNF

Tonya Pruitt: Assistant Director, NanoEarth


User Support

Carrie Sinclair: Process Technologist - Photolithography, NCI-SW

Phillip Strader: Project Scientist, RTNN

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