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Nano Earth and Environmental Science Careers Website

Preparing For a Career in Nanoscience in the Earth and Environmental Sciences: A Guide for Students and Their Mentors

This website is the product of a survey conducted in 2023 that provides advice on courses to take and other professional development experiences that will lead to successful careers in Nanoscience in the Earth and Environmental Sciences. Thanks to all who responded to the survey, and for providing the hard-earned advice that is compiled on this website.

One part of the website is a series of “Career Profiles” of current workers in Nano-EES. You are able to create your own profile to relate your current work situation, your inspiration and motivation, experiences that have been particularly beneficial to your own professional development, and any other advice. These personal testimonials are quite useful in attracting student interest in this work. You can provide information about your career profile, and we will create your own profile webpage by uploading your information here.

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