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Azad Naeemi Wins IEEE Meindl Innovators Award

NNCI Coordinating Office Associate Director Prof. Azad Naeemi (Georgia Tech) was selected as the inaugural recipient of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) James D. Meindl Innovators Award. The award was established by SSCS last year to honor the memory of Prof. Meindl, who passed away in 2020. The award supports innovation in the field of solid-state circuits by funding projects that build excitement around the field among future generations and encouraging their participation. This award holds particular significance to Prof. Naeemi who received his Georgia Tech Ph.D. with Prof. Meindl as his research advisor.

Prof. Naeemi was presented with the award at the 2022 International Solid-State Circuits Conference on Feb. 22., 2022. In addition to an award plaque and honorarium, he will receive a development grant of $14,000 to support his project which provides an experiential learning experience by creating an immersive digital world that allows students to experiment with and visualize fundamental concepts in solid-state devices and circuits.

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